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Top 5 Rich, Successful Young Entrepreneurs in Kenya

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Young successful entrepreneurs

Top 5 Young Successful entrepreneurs

  1. Jared Otieno

This Successful Young man stunned social media when photos of his Sh15 million pre-wedding party, complete with off-road gas guzzlers hired for his friends. His wife’s family members landed in choppers. Before the dust had settled, he splashed Sh30 million on a Porsche Cayenne. Described as witty and aggressive, he is known to throw lavish bashes where single malts and cognac flow freely. He works hard and plays even harder.

2. Steve Mbogo

He is easy to spot with his fancy stylish wear, complimented by his pricey bling. He is known to slash tens of thousands on his loyal wingmen who have been often spotted addressing him down on one knee fondly referring to him as ‘Mr. President’. Steve’s love for high-end tour destinations globally is his guilty pleasure which costs him millions effortlessly.

3. Jemo Keroche

He is the son to the CEO of Keroche Breweries, Tabitha Karanja. Jemo is described as outgoing and his love for fast bikes is clear. He is philanthropic and occasionally splashes hundreds of thousands of entertaining friends in his entourage.

4. Don Matino Kiarie aka KRG

He is a successful young man who traded his football career in the Norwegian league before shifting to business and deejaying in Europe. He runs a successful entertainment unit comprising of European deejays and a hand in real estate. Described as shy but outgoing, Don Matino is never shy of sorting humongous bills for a big party.

5. Ahmed Papa

He is a charming guy who likes to treat his guests to a lavish time. Besides investing, Papa loves to travel and recently posted pictures of his trip to Hollywood’s hall of fame.

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Parting shot: Entrepreneurs always look on the bright side and are constant dreamers. They look at how they can do things better and make the world a better place. They never dwell on the past or the negative. Instead, they focus on moving forward and moving up.

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